Parents Should Not Vaccinate Their Children Essay

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Today, there are thousands of children in the United States whose parents have chosen to not have vaccinated. These unprotected children are the result of their parents’ misguided fear of vaccinations and the side effects that can accompany them. Due to these parents’ worries and the threat their choices pose to others, there has been much debate on whether or not parents should immunize their children. What these parents fail to realize is that by deciding not to vaccinate their children, even with the possible side effects, they are putting their children and everyone else in even greater danger from the diseases that plague the world.

Many people think that if they do not vaccinate their child, it only affects them, and it is a personal decision. However, this choice is not entirely private, this is a decision these parents are not only making for themselves but everyone around them. By choosing not to immunize a child not only is that child put in danger, but also everyone he or she comes in contact with. One parent’s decision can be life threatening to children who are too young to receive vaccinations, as well as those with weakened immune systems, such as cancer patients. Parents vaccinate their children to protect them from preventable viruses and diseases, but by doing so, they are actually doing much more. By vaccinating their children,
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Vaccination does have some risks, but it is still a necessity to protect not only our families, but families everywhere; it has saved countless lives and will save countless more. People cannot let misguided fears put us all in danger. These diseases and dangers are still here and threaten all of our lives, and by not vaccinating their children these parents are putting our entire society in danger; stop the negligence; for the safety of all people children should be

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