The Effects Of Television On The Body Image Of Young Women Essay

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Previous research has found that television may negatively affect the body image of young women. Tiggerman and Pickering (1996) found that these effects did not just come from the amount of television viewed, but they could also come from the appearance-focused shows. Studies have shown that body dissatisfaction can be seen in girls as young as the age six years (Dohnt & Tiggemann, 2006; Tiggemann & Wilson-Barrett, 1998). This is what led researchers to come to the conclusion that the amount of time spent watching television is not to blame for this effect, instead, it is the type of television that is being watched. Since research shows that image insecurities can arise in young girls as young as the age of six, the blame is not to be placed on the time the child spent watching tv, because of their young age they recently started to comprehend what they were watching. However, this does place fault on the type of programs that are being broadcasted. The effects of the television on young women 's self-esteem and body image has been researched for a long time. From various studies, such as television ads and magazines they produced the same results. While most of the past research mainly focused on studies of scripted television, magazines, and television ads, there has been little research on reality television and music videos, but there are big results. Though it is argued that reality television does not actually depict real life events this type of television program…

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