The Effects Of Television On Children 's Social Development Essay

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Literature review
Effect exposure to television has on children’s social development
Schmidt and Vandewater (2008) reviewed findings of over one hundred research papers to examine television’s effect on all aspects of children’s development. One surprising fact they uncovered in their research of twenty-three studies on time viewing television and academic achievement was in America there exists only a modest negative link, and in some cases, no link at all, between the total time children spend watching television and their academic achievement. Their study shows that, “up to a certain threshold number of hours viewed, television viewing is linked positively with achievement; above that threshold the link becomes negative” (Schmidt and Vandewater, 2008:64). Another interesting factor that Schmidt and Vandewater (2008) found regarding children watching television is that children with higher IQ’s are rated as watching less television and children with lower IQ scores on average watch more television. Studies have also shown positive links between educational television viewing and academic performance whereas the viewing of entertainment television has a negative association on children’s academic performance.
All studies have shown that it’s the type of content viewed that makes the difference in whether the children will be affected negatively or positively after watching television. Some researchers have even concluded that content makes more of a difference than time…

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