The Effects Of Television On Children 's Children Essay example

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How important would you say television is to your child? How often do they watch it? According to the University of Michigan Health Center “Kids ages 6-11 spend about 28 hours a week in front of the TV.”. With data like that it is clear that television creates an important impact on children. The real question we need to ask though, is what kind of an impact is it having on your children? Throughout children’s television history characters are represented as vicious stereotypes. Women are portrayed as helpless, minorities are rarely portrayed at all, and men are held to unreasonable standards.
Parent’s need to realise that television impacts their children and work to ensure that the shows they support are sending positive messages about accepting diversity. Your children are the future generation, it is imperative that we work on eliminating racism, sexism, and homophobia at a young age. With television watched so often by children, what better way to communicate with this generation than by starting there. This source of media is starting to improve, with shows like Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time, promoting both acceptance and self-respect through television is becoming easier for parents. If we can continue to show support for programs like these, television can become a source of education about social justice and positive self-image. In order to prevent discrimination and promote acceptance among the future generation, Parents need to encourage…

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