The Effects Of Stress On Physical Health And Mental Health

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A person knows he or she is stressed when their homework deadline is close and they are not going to get it done on time. You know you are stressed when your WIFI is not working, since we live in advance technology world. We all have experience stress at least one time a day. Even though we know in what situation we get stressed, but have you ever wondered what damages it could cause in our daily life? How could stress impact our physical health and mental health? Stress impacts a lot in our life, even though it may help get things done, but it could cause serious damage if we do not take care of it well. According to Radboud University ("Stress during pregnancy related to infant gut microbiota.) Women who are stress during their …show more content…
First we need to know what is causing stress. It may be because of your new job, school, moving to new place, having a child, getting married, or relationship with your love one. Second comes the early sign of high level of stress. What are the early signs? Lets focus on preventing major damage because of stress. In the article, “Teens feeling stressed, and many not managing it well” by Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY. February 11, 2014 Clinical psychologist Norman Anderson, the association’s CEO states, “Stress- related behaviors such as lack of sleep, lack of exercises, poor eating habits in response in stress.” If person is stressed he or she might feel frustrated, angry, nervous, angry, uneasy, and worried. How do we prevent these anxieties? As reported by The Counseling and Mental Health Care (CMHC), manage your time to get things done. Plan ahead rather then doing your things in last minutes, because if you rush your time you are most likely to get stress, and that mean you are going to get done your assignment poorly, and more stress you will get. If you are stress take a deep breath. “Shallow breathing puts less oxygen in the bloodstream, which leads to an increase in muscle tension. As a result, you may experience headaches, or you may feel more anxious and uptight.” Take a time to breath slowly and comfortable; inhale and rise your chest and exhale. I have similar trick to prevent or decrease my stress. If I’m stressed, I go for a run, or got to park and feed the ducks and turtles. Exercises help a lot. Do something positive rather then stay home alone. Sometime just going out of your house will help you to reduce your stress level. Talk to your friends if something is bothering you. Do not keep it in your heart. If you have to cry, cry it out loud. Watch movies if that help you to let your stress out. Go to the

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