Essay on The Effects Of Stress On Mental Health

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Stress is defined by the National Institute of Mental Health as the brain 's answer to any demand. Many things can set off this reaction, including change. For most people, temporary levels of stress drop soon after the stimulus has passed. For others, the symptoms of anxiety continue well after the distressing circumstance is over (National Institute of Mental Health). Stress can lead to memory retention problems, and memory recall problems, in turn impacting ones work, social interactions, and eventually negatively impacting the quality of one’s life.
Every person’s reaction to a stressor differs and is based on the way we see the event and our capacity to react to the event in an effective way. According to Comer, stress has two components: a stressor, and a stress response. A stressor is an incident that causes a sense of threat by meeting a person with an order to change. A stress response is a person’s particular reaction to the stressor. Both the stress response and the stressor are influenced by how we assess the event that has caused us stress, and our capacity to react to the event effectively. If not dealt with effectively, stress can lead to serious stress disorders. There are two types of stress disorders: Acute Stress Disorder, and Chronic Stress Disorder. An acute Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder in which panic and other symptoms are experienced soon after a traumatic or stressful event and last less than a month. A Chronic Stress Disorder is when the…

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