Essay about The Effects Of Stress On Health And Mental Health

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A person knows he or she is stressed when their homework deadline is close and they are not going to get it done on time. You know you are stressed when your WIFI is not working, since we live in advance technology world. We all have experience stress at least one time a day. Even though we know in what situation we get stressed, but have you ever wondered what damages it could cause in our daily life? How could stress impact our physical health and mental health? Stress impacts a lot in our life, even though it may help get things done, but it could cause serious damage if we do not take care of it well. According to Radboud University ("Stress during pregnancy related to infant gut microbiota.) Women who are stress during their pregnancy are most likely to have babies with physical and psychological problems. What is causing these effects? Radboud University mentioned, babies that are born from mother who are stress “have a poorer mix of intestinal macrobiotic.” Radboud University also provides the study coloration where, “the stress and anxiety levels of pregnant women were measured by means of questionnaires and testing the levels of the hormone cortisol in saliva.” Raddboud University also provides the ratio of babies that were tested (56 babies) from 7 days until 4 months after birth. The outcome of the research after birth of babies from the mother with “high stress levels and high cortisol presented more Proteobacteira and fewer lactic acid bacteria and…

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