The Effects Of Stress And Drugs On Teens Essay

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The effect of stress and drugs on teens in high school
Stress in teens can, and more than likely will result in, some form of abuse whether it be drugs or dangerous behavior. Stress leads to mental and physical issues that cause humans to be scarred for life, One of the outlets for stress can be drugs or tobacco or a variety of other bad choices. Studies have shown that teens have higher stress levels and therefore are making these bad choices early in life. Too much stress can cause detrimental effects in teens across the united states. “ Stress for teenagers can be caused by a variety of things such as school work overload, parents, or other teens. When stress builds up it takes a toll on the person and has horrible effects.Even during the summer teen stress levels were reported to be higher than healthy. Summers are usually described as a carefree time for teenagers but apparently not. Teens are feeling more and more stressed annually, weekly, and even daily. 16% of teens say that their stress went down in the past year but, double that amount have said that their stress has increased in the past year. That 's a 32% increase in teenagers that feel too stressed and that amount is increasing. (Bethune) Stress is leading teens to be angry or irritable a lot of the time compared to their usual behavior.Some of the more severe cases have led teenagers to become depressed and commit suicide. Teenagers are skipping meals or binge eating as a coping method to their high stress…

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