Socialization And Film Analysis

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Socialization has simply become part of our every day lives, socialization is what tries to tell our generations what is right or wrong, good or bad. “Three primary agents of socialization that teach people how to act sexually are religion, the law and the media (Boundless, 2014).“ It is quite sad that social norms have mended peoples lives, drilling in their heads of what is and isn’t socially acceptable.
In today’s world, the topic of homosexuality has become very controversial.
“The full acceptance of gay men and lesbians into American society continues to be an extremely contentious issue” (Whitehead, 2013). Growing up in a society that is so controversial also makes it difficult to know what is best to believe and think. The social
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They can leave them feeling rather judge and unsure of whether to “come out” or not. One man discussing religion and homosexuality says, “that the debate is ultimately about not sexuality but control and authority, power and politics” (Bates, 2004). This shows how sexuality has become such a large controversial topic and rather than considering what is biblical on the subject, they focus on a thing that is very “powerful and …show more content…
He’s very commonly known for saving millions of lives during World War II (Fagin, 2014). He used his very creative intelligent mind to decipher the German Enigma code in Bletchley. This is what stopped the World War II from breaking it more than it already had. By breaking the code he is estimated to have shortened the “War by some 2 year” (Robinson, 2014). No doubt, Turing did some amazing things and revolutionized much of the technology we have today. He triggered just about all we available to us today. However, beside him being the amazing intelligent man he was, society frowned upon him for being homosexual. Male homosexuality was completely illegally when and where he was located, whether in public or private (Beaven & Stacey, 2012). Turing spent a lot of time with his psychiatrist Dr. Franz Greenbaum who tried to help him. Turing a man with so much intelligence and ignorance inside himself had such difficult time because his lifestyle was not accepted. He would leave and go on vacations to Norway where dances for only men were held, but this small escape wasn’t enough for him (Beaven & Stacey, 2012). He needed more than a week to live his true life and be with the same sex. This truly pushed Alan Turing to the test and on June, 8th 1954, he took his life with a poison injected apple (Beaven & Stacey, 2012). Socializations inability

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