The Effects Of Social Psychology On Human Behavior Essay

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Happiness Leads to Less Stress It’s safe to assume that more stress leads to less happiness, but is it safe to assume that happiness leads to less stress? Questions like these are those that social psychologists ask everyday. Social psychology originates from the broader study of psychology that focuses on human behavior in social settings (McLeod, 2007). There are a variety of research methods that social psychologist can employ such as, correlational, observational, and experimental. The methods that this paper targets are those of correlational and experimental design. To elaborate on these methods, it is theorized that happiness leads to less stress. From the original theory transpires the hypothesis that people who receive a new phone are likely to show lower levels of cortisol in their saliva. Happiness is defined as positive emotions and stress is defined as the body’s response to danger or threats. For sake of measurement, the new phone acts as happiness and levels of cortisol represents stress. Researchers measure the amount of cortisol in a participant with the use of cortisol salivary testing strips (Cortisol, n.d). A sample group of one-thousand adults, ranging from ages eighteen to thirty, is selected at random from populous cities and small-scaled cities. The participants then pick up a card that has either the number one or two on it, the numbers indicate which group they pertain to; one is the control group and two is the experimental group. The control…

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