Essay on The Effects Of Smoking And Secondhand Smoking On Children

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tobacco particles. While certain areas such as work, secondary, and post-secondary buildings may have signs saying no smoking allowed, people still violate it.This is due to the fact that even if they were charged fines they can easily pay it back. Thus, awareness must be increased by educating the public through the schooling systems. By incorporating the effects of smoking and secondhand smoking into the curriculum change can be made. Putting this in the education system increases awareness since children and teenagers are taught about the effects and how it harms them and their future children. This knowledge will prevent children and adolescents to make the right choices and think twice before they decide they want to smoke. By reaching out to the younger generation there is a high possibility for change to occur and see a difference in the years to come. Therefore, passive smoking has tolling effects on a child’s respiratory system when exposed before and after birth, therefore by increasing awareness and setting more concise rules, the present conditions can be changed.
Additionally, environmental smoke has been found to have effects on the neurological function and growth of the brain in children. When a fetus is exposed to passive smoking, they are at risk of developing neurological symptoms and poor cognition during childhood. After birth, children are at greater risk for developing brain damage when exposed to passive smoke. For instance, serum cotinine was used as…

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