The Effects Of Sleep On Memory And Its Components Essay

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The Influence of Sleep on Memory and Its Components Sleep is one of the most important functions that any human or animal can perform on a daily basis. While sleeping, our bodies may be at rest, but our mind is still actively processing all of the events and information that we encoded into our minds in our time spent being awake. Without sleep, the body cannot function, physically or mentally, as it would if we were to be properly rested. The amount of rest an individual receives can influence their daily activities in either a positive or a negative way (Born & Rasch, 2013). Memory is one of the most important factors that is influenced by how much sleep we receive. Having a well rested mind will help us store and maintain memories efficiently, but sleep deprivation has a negative impact on the information we are storing away into our memory. Sleep deprivation can cause cognitive issues, such as false memory, which lead us to believe certain details about events that never actually happened. False memory can be caused by misleading information being presented to us, or simply because of cognitive interference when trying to recall certain memories. (Diekelmann, Born, & Wagner, 2010). Studies have shown that the amount of rest an individual receives each night can determine how they perform cognitive and physical tasks on a daily basis. While sleeping, your mind is still unconsciously processing information, and the body is resting and saving up energy that can…

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