Essay on The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Cognitive Performance

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How Does Sleep Deprivation Impact Cognitive Performance?

Sleep deprivation can cause a person’s quality of life to be disrupted. The causes of sleep deprivation are commonly work and school related or due to contemporary lifestyles. Sleep deprivation affects a substantial amount of people. “Sleep deprivation consist either in a complete lack of sleep during a certain period of time or a shorter-than-optimal sleep time.” (Consequences of sleep deprivation- jolanta orzel). Sleep is a state of natural rest, it’s a restorative process that regulates homeostasis of autonomic, neuroendocrine and immune system sleep is needed for one to be able to function properly. Sleep deprivation impacts the ability to perform cognitive tasks by slowing down the thought process and affecting the ability to focus, impairing memory, and affecting the use of logical reasoning. These are all factors that are crucial to a person’s mental health.
Sleep deprivation slows down the thought process because concentration levels are lower, making it more difficult to focus. Concentration of attention becomes impaired and thoughts are distracted which leads to a decreased accuracy and effectiveness on working performance. Ability to concentrate is believed to be located in the prefrontal cortex which is a region that is affected by constant wakefulness and lack of sleep. “Sleep deprivation is also found to impair selective attention, lateral visual attention, visuospatial attention, and automatic…

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