The Effects Of Sexual Assault On College Campuses Essay

1704 Words Nov 29th, 2016 7 Pages
Sexual assault has been a part of the culture on college campuses for years. Only somewhat recently has the issue been given the attention it deserves. Many students and advocacy organizations have been working to stop sexual assault on college campuses and bring attention to the aspects of American culture that normalize it. The normalization of sexual assault was made especially prevalent in Stanford swimmer, Brock Turner’s, case. Turner was released after only 3 months in jail, to the outrage of much of the American public. The case led to the debate over whether those convicted of sexual assault should be given harsher sentences. Those who support harsher sentences believe that short sentences continue to perpetuate the idea that sexual assault is just part of college party culture. Many are specifically angry about the Brock Turner case because his privileged social status, state of intoxication, and good track record were used as justification for his short sentence. There are many, including people who are part of the judicial system, demanding that there be mandatory prison sentences for those convicted of sexualy assaulting an intoxicated or unconscious person. The outrage over the insensitivity towards victims of sexual assault in the justice system has resulted in protests, campaigns, and political cartoons that attempt to bring attention to the issue. Images in response to the Brock Turner case usually either criticize the way the courts and media responded to…

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