Essay about The Effects Of Secondhand Smoke On The Smoking Of Tobacco

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Secondhand smoke is a leading cause of death everywhere in the world, it increases the rate of death in individuals through developing conditions such as asthma, lung cancer, and coronary heart disease (Kalkhoran). In the United States, secondhand smoke causes over 46,000 deaths due to heart disease in adults, and 200,000 episodes of childhood asthma per year. Public health campaigns show the dangers of secondhand smoke and many local governments have enacted to restrict the smoking of tobacco (Naiman). The cancer treatments for those who smoke and those who do not smoke can come from the American taxpayers, and that money can be used for other projects if the health issues from smoking can be diminished greatly by setting up bans on the smoking of tobacco. From an environmental perspective, the question posed is should our democracy ban the smoking of tobacco? Focusing on the health of the environment and people around these smokers, it should be.

Bars and clubs are one of the highest sources of airborne nicotine, compared to other public places, and can also be a significant source of secondhand smoke for young adults (Kalkhoran). A study of people that go to bars and clubs reported agreement with two statements: “I believe that secondhand tobacco smoke is dangerous to a non-smoker’s health” and “Inhaling smoke from someone else’s cigarettes harms the health of babies and children”. Consistent with previous studies that used these measures it was recorded those who…

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