Essay on The Effects Of Religion On Adolescent Development

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The Effect of Religion on Adolescent Development

Religion can be complicated for a person at any age, let alone adolescents. Growing up, our parents are the main reason why we have any religious affiliation. They are the ones that take us to church, the mosque, the temple etc. so that we can have a foreground for the meaning of life. However, there is a large population of people who do not go to church at all. Whether or not adolescents are taken to church or shown religion and spirituality can have an impact on their development throughout their childhood all the way through adulthood. Religion can have an impact on cognitive development, self-efficacy, identity, relationships, sexual behavior, academic achievement and more.

Religion is often closely affiliated with morals and values. It can also have an influence on one’s moral identity. For many, religion is the center of their life and is a big commitment that can affect other parts of your life such as self-monitoring, self-control, or even self-judgments in moral situations (Santrock). But these critical evaluations of oneself and situations do not come until later adolescence and adulthood. While one is developing, religion may have an influence at first, but as a child matures, they begin to develop the ability to question their religion and their affiliation with it. These questions escalate as the child begins to acquire their social identity, which is when they begin to have uncertainty about the values…

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