The Effects Of Poverty On A Student Education Essay

1066 Words Aug 30th, 2015 null Page
Children and families in poverty is something that many teachers have to face every day. Poverty can have an impact on a student education opportunities and their success in school. Poverty can impact development, learning, and socialization for a student. Poverty can present many challenges for teachers, but there are many methods to help these students. Poverty can impact development, learning, and socialization for a student. There are many different biological factors that impact development including toxic exposure, malnourishment, premature birth, and limited access to parents. Many families in poverty live in older building where they may be lead paint. This paint is very dangerous and affects a child’s development. Malnourishment is a huge problem of families in poverty they may not have money to feed their children filling, and nutrition meals. Premature birth is very high in families with poverty. Premature birth can happen for many different reasons from abuse of alcohol and drugs to poor medical care. Premature birth can lead to many different complications for the child. Children that are born premature often face higher changes of having or developing learning disabilities. According to the National Research Council (NCR) time between parents and children is the most important factor in early child development. Parents that are in poverty often have to work long hours and multiple jobs. They often do not have very much time to spend time with their…

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