The Effects Of Postpartum Depression On Children Essay

1713 Words May 3rd, 2015 null Page
For the purpose of this paper I interviewed a family friend, a female who is currently 45 years old. She has had some serious experiences with postpartum depression that impacted not only her life but also the life of her son. When she was 35, she got pregnant. It was a big event because she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant over the previous decade without success. She described how extremely happy she was during her pregnancy and how she anticipated the birth of her son and their future together. Her pregnancy was healthy and uneventful. However, what happened after his birth profoundly changed not only her life and her marriage but also the life of her son. Everything was normal right after her son was born, but several days later, things started to get strange. She indicated that she could not bond with the baby, and what was worse, she started to seriously dislike him. Her newborn son was very fussy, cried a lot, did not sleep much during the night, and was very difficult to handle. Her husband was at work most of the time and she was left alone with her newborn baby most of the time. She described how she eventually stopped interacting with her newborn son completely, did not cuddle him, did not talk to him, and only approached him when she had to feed him from the bottle (as she also refused to breast-feed). She described this time as living hell. Everyone around her was telling her that this was just typical baby blues and her feelings would go away…

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