Essay on The Effects Of Parenting Styles Have On Children

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The Effects Different Parenting Styles Have on Children
Parenting styles have been widely categorized into four major types: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved or neglectful. According to developmental psychologist Diane Baumrind (1967), there are three types of parenting styles she introduced which are the authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive, with the uninvolved/neglectful parenting style added by researchers years after Baumrind’s conclusions. Authoritarian parenting as described by Baumrind (1967) are the type that are usually controlling and firm, but usually in a domineering manner. Authoritative parents tend to control their child, but in a less fractious way than those of the authoritarian type. Authoritative parents set reasonable standards for their child to achieve, and allows the child to be more lenient in choices they make. Permissive parents let children act more freely, as they typically have fewer standards for their children. They permit their child to behave in any way they choose, tend to let the child make the decisions, and generally not overbearing toward their child (Baumrind 1967). Uninvolved/neglectful parenting is categorized as parents who are unconcerned for their child’s wellbeing, have little to no standards for their child, and is unresponsive to a child’s needs. So, how do different parenting styles affect a child 's emotional, physical, and behavioral actions? Are there emotional effects of…

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