The Effects Of Obesity On The Workplace Essay

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* Cuba example
* Health Promotion play an important role in providing ways to tackle obesity. Providing appropriate information may help to educate not only a target group of people but a hole society. By providing advices can also help to prevent obesity.

* Stigma in the workplace; virtual media

Obesity-related stigma occur in many other industrial, cultural or institutional settings. People experiences negative attitudes and discrimination based on their over weight. Research showed that in the workplace individuals are classified as lazy, less productive, less active, unreliable, have a low motivation, low intelligence (Carlson & Seacat 2014)32. On the other hand stigmatisation impact on psychological employees state and the outcome may result in withdraw, low job satisfaction and work life (Nowrouzi 2015)33. Furthermore, this less acceptance have effects such as low compensation, low rate of promotion and less pay compared with other co-workers that does not experiencing obesity. In conclusion, obesity stigmatization may be seen as a vicious circle that affect equal the obese employee but also the quality of work that may ffect the profits (ibid).
* Comparison with smoking regarding effects
* Cost of obesity
The cost of society, NHS; “Fat Tax”, applicable on unhealthy food, snacks and fizzy drinks is expected to be introduced in the future due to the cost of treating obesity in the UK; in order to reduce the cost, some of the NHS Trusts are asking obese patients to…

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