Essay on The Effects Of Obesity On Childhood Obesity

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“Slowly but surely, we’re beginning to turn the tide on childhood obesity in America. Together, we are inspiring leaders from every sector to take ownership of this issue” (Obama). This emphasizes that child obesity in America has become a huge problem not only to a few, but to many children across the country. With this problem in society, the first lady decided to help stop this issue with the help of parents and sponsors around the United States. Child obesity is a case that affects children and adolescents, which occurs when a child is above normal weight for its age and height. The advertisements of high-calorie foods, lack of activity due to school schedules and technology, and genetic backgrounds, caused child obesity to increase tremendously, setting their health in a wrong direction.
To begin with, advertisements on high-calorie foods drives hunger to kids and influences them to eat the delicious presentations delivered on television, which later, causes them to increase their intake making them obese. According to Amir Khan, Everyday Health staff writer, “86% of nonrestraunt food and beverage product ads seen on TV by children in 2009 promoted products high in saturated fat, sugar or sodium” (Khan). This demonstrates that the majority of products advertised for kids are very unhealthy, but buys their attention. The more kids are brought to the appealing products, the more they are getting influenced in eating it, which causes unhealthy substances in their system…

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