Paralinguistics: Nonverbal Communication

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Ever since the beginning of time, species of all sorts have been communicating in ways more than just verbal communication. Nonverbal communication is one of the most effective terms of language used throughout the entire world. The types of nonverbal communication along with the effects that nonverbal communication can have on people who are in relationships are more apparent than thought to be. Trying to hide, control, or even enhance the way you communicate nonverbally can prove to be more challenging than expected by average people. The ways that people communicate with out words can be more outspoken than the way that people communicate with actual words.
Nonverbal communication can be defined as communication without words (“What is
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Typically what is common in these situations is a term called paralinguistics. Paralinguistics is referred to as tone of voice, loudness, inflection, and pitch (“Types of Nonverbal Communication”). The tone of voice that someone uses can set the attitude or the approach that they want the conversation to go in. In addition, the spacing and timing of what you say is considered nonverbal communication as well. Paralinguistics provide the opportunity of being able to notice if there is sarcasm, lack of interest, or pure excitement in the speaker’s voice. Paralinguistics, like the previous forms of nonverbal communication, have major effects on the way that people interact with each other and the relationships that are kept between …show more content…
Nonverbal communication can go extremely wrong sometimes because it can be extremely challenging for some people to control or hide nonverbal communication. Unluckily, countless people propel puzzling or negative nonverbal signals without even knowing it almost all of the time (“Nonverbal Communication: Improving Your Nonverbal Skills”). Nonverbal communication can create conflict due to misinterpretation of the way one acts versus the way one says. Whether people say what they mean or not is always a common issue in relationships and body language can say one thing while your mouth says the other and it leaves room for insecurity, trust issues, and uneasiness. In other situations, it can also bring people closer to each other and make it easier to understand the other person. For instance, if someone is shy and cannot stop smiling then chances are that the person is feeling positive feelings toward another. Seeing the way that nonverbal communication can affect relationships can be an awfully good sign to notice or an awfully bad. Many relationships between people do not work out due to the fact that people do not understand how to control it or how it can speak out above your vocal voice. Contradicting to the fact that it can destroy, in some relationships it can bring people closer than they had ever thought imaginable. No matter who or what kind or relationship, scientific

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