The Effects Of Music On A Brain And Overall Well Being Essay

1021 Words Mar 12th, 2016 null Page
In the twentieth and twenty -first centuries the psychological knowledge about a human’s brain and their behavior significantly increased. On the other hand, in today’s society, psychology has to solve even more people’s issues. One of those issue is the stress reduction, and one therapy to decrease people’s stress and maintain relaxation is music therapy. Music helps create positive emotions by relaxation, which can be very antagonistic to the stress effect. (Scratelli,20). Music provides the high activation of the limbic system in a brain by its abstract sounds (Scratelli,24). In order to increase the positive effect of music on a brain and overall well-being, it is good to add music to the different type of relaxation. Some of those types of relaxation are progressive muscle relaxation, imagery, and biofeedback. The most well-known of those combinations in music therapy is imagery and music. This music therapy provides increasing relaxation by simulating nervous system activity. Other researchers also suggest that the visual imagery combined with music is significantly better, which consequently helps in pain reduction (Scratelli,26). Those researchers explained that the music is not only for simply enjoyment, but also has strong positive connections with human brain, which can eventually be helpful in relaxation and also in pain reduction. Relaxation and the stress reduction are not only ways to used music. Today’s medicine also discovers positive effects of music…

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