Essay on The Effects Of Methamphetamine And Its Effects On Society

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Introduction: _Have you ever done something in your life that gave you a thrill like you have never had before? For example, you played the best game of your entire life and you 're on cloud nine or you ride a roller coaster for the very first time. This is the same experience that methamphetamine users experience. It 's a thrill, a rush, but its the beginning of an addiction that is very hard to get rid of. Methamphetamine isn 't usually drug that many people pick up for the first time. It could be the cause of not getting the rush from softer drugs such as marijuana, or pain killers. People on methamphetamine don 't realize the hurt and pain that they are causing their loved ones, they 're only looking out for one person and that is themselves and their next high.
Thesis: This is where you will name your causes and/or effects you will be exploring. _

Using meth will begin to affect one’s body and one’s physical appearance, it will effect one’s mind and body, and ultimately it will effect the relationships that one has not only with friends, but with family as well.


Body Paragraph 1:

Topic Sentence (names first idea of thesis): ___This will name the first cause or effect

_When someone starts doing meth, they aren 't thinking of the effects that it will have on them, especially their bodies.

Body: When someone uses this drug for the first time, their main thought is only on the high…

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