The Effects Of Media Violence On Children Essays

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Effects of media violence on children There is a controversy that has been going on for a couple of decades that Media affects children. Whether the child plays violent games or watch violence on T.V this can affect the child to learn aggressive behavior. Most parents see their child showing violent behavior at a very young age such as preschool and are concerned but just say that the child will grow out of that their child will grow out of it. This controversy has made many researchers disagree with each other that violence influences young people, however some researchers will contend this study because of the research they have done that shows a relationship between media violence and aggressive behavior. As times passes most people can tell the difference between a 1980 special effect in a movie to a 2015 special effect especially the violent effects, being more gruesome and more realistic as time moves towards a more technological era. According to an article by Christina L. Lyons in C.Q. Researcher PG-13 movies have more than doubled the violent content between the years 1950 and 2010, and gun scenes exceeds that in R-Rated movies. Not only studies have shown proof but questions answered and research on background checks prove that media violence leads to aggressive behavior. Backgrounds on some of thw juvenile mass murders have one thing in common: most of them filled their lives with violent movies and video games and dropped everything else in their life…

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