The Effects Of Media Stressing Crime And Violence Upon Children's Attitudes

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Recent years have opened up a new window for technology to impact the lives of millions across the globe at the same time. This innovation has provided for the fast spread of news and information through the gateway of media. With open access for anybody, and often unfiltered information available to all ages, our early generations are getting tastes of reality, sometimes earlier than they can handle or even process. Though there are plenty of positive and encouraging pathways led by the media, according to an article published by Psychology Today, media studies show that bad news far outweighs good news by as much as seventeen negative news reports for every good news report. If a child is frequently exposed to crime and violence related media, the events portrayed can cause trauma as well as induce fear and anxiety in a child.
Though there are other factors in having such strong effects of the behavior of children who are influenced by or are fearful of crime and violence related media, one cannot deny the fact that by beholding, one becomes changed. It is advised keep a keen filter on what you allow your brain to process. Since technology has become such a significant factor in the lives of this generation, it is relatively easy to wind up with the wrong things having
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H. Lovibond’s article “The Effect of Media Stressing Crime and Violence upon Children 's Attitudes” published by Oxford University Press. The main hypothesis stated that exposure to crime and violence mass media, starting with comic books specifically, would influence the child in the direction of acceptance of the ideology of violence and that exposure to wholesome and constructive moral values influenced the child in the right direction, turning away from a path of crime and violence. With this guiding the investigation, evidence supporting the hypothesis was found in using a simple

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