The Effects of Heavy Metal Music on Aggression Essay

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Participants: The participants were collected by means of convenience sampling. The participants in the study were 40 undergraduate psychology students, all involved in Psychology Learning Communities at Loyola University New Orleans. The participants were mostly Caucasian with some African Americans, Hispanics and Asians. There were 3 male and 29 female participants, with a greater proportion of females. The participants were offered course credit for participation, and were informed by the leaders of their psychology learning community classes of the experiment.
Materials: The materials used in the experiment were: standard
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The sample size was N=32, 16 for each condition. The participants in the no music/control condition actually reported higher levels of aggression, M=48.0, in response to the questions presented than did the participants in the music condition, M=45.9. The standard deviation from the mean for the no music/control group was 9.5, and the standard error was 2.734, where the standard deviation from the mean for the music group was 10.9. Since the scores for the no/music group were higher than the music group the difference was not statistically significant (t = -.57, df = 10, p > .574)Therefore, the hypothesis presented in the introduction section of this report was rejected.
The mean age of the participants was 18 and the sample was 87.5% female. The mean hours of music listened to daily by the participants was 2.5 hours. The scores of the participants varied between conditions, but not in the way the researchers had expected in fact they were opposite from what the researchers had hypothesized. The alpha level of the study was set at .05.
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