The Effects Of Hand Eye Coordination While Impairing Vision Essay

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The Effect on Hand-Eye coordination while Impairing Vision.
We found that disrupting a person’s vision could affect the subject’s hand-eye coordination. It would have negative effects towards hand-eye coordination. Drunk googles were used for this experiment and we it affected the subject’s vision as it limits their ability to see properly. A bean-bag was asked to throw to the specific area by the subject with and without wearing drunk googles. The subject had better hand-eye coordination without wearing the drunk googles. We established two groups such as the experimental group where the tests are conducted on the subject and control group where they don’t get any treatment but help out the experiment. Three different variables were used in this experiment such as the independent variable where we alter just a single value, dependent variable is the factor that we are measuring and finally, the constant variable. We found out that accuracy is better than the tallest throw as the subject did better without the googles.
This scientific experiment was conducted to know the accuracy of a subject with and without impaired vision. Hand-eye coordination is a very important skill as we use it in day- to day activities such as playing out door games, driving, etc. In, this experiment our main objective was to figure out what would happen if we alter one of the value. Since both are dependent on each other we alter the vision of the subject and see how accurate the subject’s…

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