Essay about The Effects Of Food On Our Health

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The opposition seems to disagree and show pictures of some disgusting mass and tell the scientists to explain. Perhaps the reason people don 't agree with this new idea is because they do not understand much about it. Cary Blake also stated, "Today, biotechnology in agriculture is too often perched on the hot seat as its opponents spread fear, without scientific evidence to support it that genetically-modified foods could be unsafe." People often get the wrong idea when they hear about this issue. One could be browsing the Internet and find a picture of some distorted image that looks like it could be anything, captioned with capital text saying "I hope you like tomatoes". These images are very often if not only false attention getters to convince people to go to their website. People will often claim that food contains GMOs and can have very negative affects on our health in short time frames. Karen Kaplan reporting for the Los Angeles Times says the FDA responds by saying "Most foods do not contain entire organisms, one exception would be yogurt, which includes bacterial microorganism so such as Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus." So to clear things up, food almost never contains whole organisms or bacteria. There is most likely nothing alive in your food that you don 't already know about. Another claim is that this food is possible toxic or hazardous to peoples ' health. People often don 't like the idea of things being cooked up in a laboratory…

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