Gmo Research Paper

The information on genetically modified organisms is divisive. However, people are not divided on the issue of starvation and malnutrition; everyone wants it to end. The two are closely related because it is scientifically proven that GMOs can do a lot to end those devastating issues when given the chance. The problem that interferes is the widespread panic about the alleged dangers of genetic engineering. Many are concerned that there are negative effects to their health and to the environment. This panic is not coincidentally coming from those who are not starved or malnourished. GMOs should be used in foreign food aid because our global society is being damaged by the unfounded and cultural fear of them.
There has been a lack of clear,
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An understanding of the anti-GMO argument is necessary to understand how it is faulty. Opponents of GMOs state that they are unhealthy for consumption and bad for the environment. These beliefs stem from common misunderstandings. They need to be explored before they can be debunked. Some adamant anti-GMO arguers believe that since some GM foods have pesticides to keep away bugs, people will be ingesting those pesticides and it will be harmful to them. Others believe that genetic engineering damages the environment (Leu). But, mostly the fear of GMOs is one of getting an illness that is vague and unfounded. It is also a fear that leaves people around the world with an uneasiness about GMOs. There are fears because of a lack of trust in science. There are regulations for genetic engineering in almost every country around the world. The panic about the dangers of GMOs is based on discredited studies and misinterpreted …show more content…
He promotes organic farming so that countries can become self sufficient and not rely on food aid. However, promotion of organic farming leads to isolation of developing countries from the rest of world. If the the myth that developing countries can become self-sufficient by organic farming is perpetuated it will not lead to independence, but isolation. It is a fact, from looking at the past, that many countries at times simply cannot produce enough food to maintain their populations. And although Leu is right to think that overpopulation is not a real and pressing issue (Ellis), he is blatantly incorrect in coming to the conclusion that since overpopulation is not the issue, starvation is can be fixed by “natural means.” Leu is mistaken because humans have been genetically modifying organisms since the beginning of time, modification is not new, and even organic plants have been engineered over millions of years to become the foods people eat today. They have been modified for human benefit, just like GMOs. If no plants had been modified to support human populations, then we would not have the population we have today (Ellis; “Should You Worry”). Now, with a global population that is growing faster than ever before, humans need a faster way to continue the modifying of organisms. Genetic engineering is the answer and GMO farming can promote that self-sufficient

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