Foreign Food Aids

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The information on genetically modified organisms is divisive. However, people are not divided on the issue of starvation and malnutrition; everyone wants it to end. The two are closely related because it is scientifically proven that GMOs can do a lot to end those devastating issues when given the chance. The problem that interferes is the widespread panic about the alleged dangers of genetic engineering. Many are concerned that there are negative effects to their health and to the environment. This panic is not coincidentally coming from those who are not starved or malnourished. GMOs should be used in foreign food aid because our global society is being damaged by the unfounded and cultural fear of them.
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Food aid that can be planted supplies the nations with a path to become self-sufficient and healthy, an ultimate goal. With many countries sending non-GMO aid, malnutrition is still a very big issue in developing countries. These non-GMO food aids feed people, but leave a “hidden hunger” under the surface. In the past, Harvestplus was sending non-GMO food aid that promotes malnutrition due to lack of vitamin A (Ssali). They have now embraced genetic engineering with the goal of ending “hidden hunger.” Food that is genetically modified can be enriched with vitamins so that the malnutrition and hidden hunger are not as prominent in developing countries that rely on foreign aid. For example, the cassava plant is a staple to the diets of Tropical African peoples. However, it is commonly affected by pests and viruses, wounding the population which relies on the plant for 40% of their daily calories (Goldbas). This was a major issue until the GM Cassava was introduced through foreign food aid. It was soon cultivated and began to replace the old cassava plant in parts of tropical Africa. It was enriched with protein, minerals, and vitamin A. This drastically helped reduce malnutrition in the region, also lowering the rates childhood blindness, anemia caused by iron deficiency, and illness due to weak immune systems (Goldbas). GMOs are used in food-aid to yield higher amounts and enrich food with vitamins; thus, they help end starvation and

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