The Effects Of Fast Food On Children Of The United States Of America

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The Effects of Fast Food on Children of The United States of America

In 1919 A&W opened its doors for the first time. When fast food was in its infancy, the foods used by restaurants were nutritionally comparable to most other dine-in restaurants. Today there are so many unknown and processed ingredients, that the nutritional value of fast food is low enough that most Americans (residents of The United States of America) view fast food as flat out bad for consumption. The group being most affected by fast food consumption is children to young adults. Childhood obesity in American children is at an all-time high, with 1/3 of individuals ages 4-19 eating fast food every day. American children of today are the diabetics of tomorrow. Most importantly, more young adults feel the residual effect that fast food has on heart health. Fast food is a growing epidemic in this country, but our youth is who will feel the worst of the affects. Obesity is caused by chronic over consumption of food that is not being utilized by the body for energy. The quickest way that obesity is reached is by eating food that has a large amount of calories while living a sedentary lifestyle. Fast food has one of the highest calorie to food ratios of all food. Today the average meal from McDonalds consisting of one Big Mac, Medium Fries, and a small Coke has 1,020 calories ( The recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories. That means that a single meal takes up…

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