Essay on The Effects Of Extracurricular Activities On Students

1080 Words Nov 25th, 2014 null Page
The US has designed programs that test the academic skills of a student by measuring their characteristics such as: family type, environment, school, and the student themselves to predict test scores on standardized exams. There are numerous amounts of research that has presented us with what impacts the academic success of a student. Previously conducted research suggest that’s measuring such factors show better chances at educational attainment (Kyllonan, 2012). Extracurricular activities are found at most schools. Clubs, music, or sports, all have an effect on the academic success of a student. Outside of school students can use that opportunity to enhance school performance (Fujita, 2005). Given that there are many important factors that can affect the academic ability for a child to succeed, it is imperative to recognize how students participating can benefit. The objective of this paper is to show the effects extracurricular activities have on students who attend schools with virtually no problems to students who attend a very problematic school system. The question we present is do students in less problematic schools benefit from extracurricular activities compared to students in schools that commit more problems? To provide positive evidence, we want to compare annual test score of 5th grade students from both type of schools and how many activities students are participating in. This data includes various demographic information about gender, race, family…

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