The Effects Of Evian With Their Live Young ' Campaign Essays

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The advertising campaign that will be analysed is that of Evian with their ‘Live Young’ campaign. Evian is a well-known French brand of mineral water that comes from a lot of sources close to Evian-les-Bains, Lake Geneva. Danone Group currently owns Evian today, and it also uses the Evian name for its line of organic skin care products and a resort in France. Through the years Evian has been depicted as an expensive and luxury bottle of water. In fact it is famous with celebrities and supermodels, and two famous high fashion designers designed the design of the Limited edition bottle for 2013 and 2014. With regards to the advertising campaign chosen of Evian, the major selling idea is ‘Live Young’ adopted through a series of marketing communication mix and advertisements. This is the most powerful thing that is being promoted in the campaigns about the bottle. It creates the greatest appeal to the target audience, which for Evian is mainly the whole market as everyone consumes water. Nonetheless, it still tries to mainly attract customers from a higher social class, as they will generally become repetitive customers of the product due to its established position as a more expensive bottle of water. The major selling idea has to stand strong throughout the campaign and has to be constantly the central issue in each and every advert and commercial. This can be seen widely in Evian’s ‘Live Young’ campaign.

1. The target audience the marketing team tries to attract with their…

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