The Effects Of Economics On The United States Essay

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Economics is a very important factor in our country and it all began through mass production of tobacco and new ideas. Tobacco growth in New England in the early 1600s is what constructed our economy from the start. It’s rapid growth fulfilled by John Rolfe in 1612 led to mass production. This was refined in Jamestown, which is a New England colony discovered in 1607 by the London Company.
The London Company was a joint-stock corporation charged with the settlement of Virginia, which was sponsored by King James 1 of England. This produced a route from the Indies through America, for the settlers that came.
The English Parliament sent various taxes and policies, mainly to pay for French and Indian War debt, which was mainly for their benefit only. Writs of Assistance was one of the many policies that were put onto the Americans in 1763. It restricted search warrants to search for colonial smuggled goods and its purpose was to enforce the Navigation Acts. This gave the power of “search and seizure.” Colonists saw their rights violated due to their right of privacy in the English Bill of Rights. They responded to the policy by completely ignoring it and continuing to smuggle, although they did confront the British on their violated rights. The Proclamation line of 1763 began because of Pontiac’s uprising, . It was an attempt to stop western expansion, it was sent out by King George. It declared that colonists couldn’t move anywhere beyond the Appalachian Mountains. This…

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