Pueblo Revolt 1600s

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Unit I Vocab \Europeans.\system,
Pueblo Revolt (1600s)- The Spanish had taken over present day New Mexico and the Natives, in particular Pope, were mad because this angered their spiritual ancestors. They were angry because the Spanish set up churches and imprisoned many of the Natives. Although some were not on board, most Natives kicked out the Spanish and destroyed their churches and killed many priests. The Spanish fled to Mexico to regroup.
-This like the Iroquois Confederation was significant because a group of Natives were actually able to hold their ground with the Europeans. The Spanish did come back and overtake them but after 50 years. Also many other things happened like the marriage of the Spanish and Indians that led to a more
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These acts stated that the colonies could only import and export to British ships. They did this to hold in wealth by taxing the colonists and not lose their colonies -These acts backfired for Britain because this act was one of many that angered the colonists. The high taxes on trade would spark the American Revolution and create the United States. The US would then become a powerful country that has been significantly involved in history. (WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, etc.)
Molasses Act(1733)- British Parliament wanted to keep an monopoly of sugar, molasses and rum on the Colonies so they put high taxes on these imported items if they came from any other place that did not belong to Britain. This act is famous because it was ignored by the colonists. They decided to smuggle in cheaper sugar and rum
-This Act angered the Northern Colonies in particular because it interfered with their economy. They had to pay a lot for the sugar so that meant that they had to raise their prices on goods. This again would lead to the American Revolution. Britain would lose its gain on the Americas so it would concentrate on India, which led to cultural problems

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