The Effects Of Drugs On Students Lives Essay

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The Effects of Drugs on Students Lives College students are at high-risk for initiating drug use without thinking of the effects it may cause them. Drugs can initially appear as having positive effects – lifting ones mood, relaxation or even giving individuals more energy. However, they can also have negative impacts on ones mental and physical health, and their social life. During these important years of peoples lives they are faced with what most young adults look forward too, independence. They are finally able to make their own decisions without having an adults input or guidance. But many times students do not make the right choices, and it causes them many negative outcomes they may have not thought of when deciding to “try” the drug. Drugs are chemicals that effect the brain in various ways. They gain access into the brain’s communication system and interfere with the neurons normal functioning of sending, receiving, and processing information. Marijuana and heroin have similar structures of our neurotransmitters. Because of the similarity these two drugs they are able to fool the brain into activating nerve cells that send abnormal messages. This is the “high” that people feel when taking these drugs. Other drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine cause nerve cells to release large amounts of natural neurotransmitters. They can also prevent the recycling of the natural neurotransmitters which are used to shut off the signals between neurons. A disruption in this…

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