The Effects Of Drugs On Human Body Essay

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The human brain is undoubtedly the most complex organ in the human body. This three-pound mass of jelly-like, dark and gray tissue controls all human activity. From walking to driving a car to breathing, the brain is the center of all the action in our everyday lives. The brain maintains your body’s basic functions, enables you to understand and react to your experiences and forms your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior. It consists of many parts that all collaborate as a team with one goal: to let you live your life. Each part is responsible for coordinating and performing a specific task. But what happens when a substance interferes in this performance?
Some people use these substances as an escape from extreme pain and suffering, others use them to reach pleasure and fulfillment, and some even use them just to fit in. No matter how they are used, drugs are a harmful substance that may have serious affects on the human body. Drugs influence and change the brain in many more ways than we could ever imagine. From destroying brain cells that assist with the development of critical thinking skills, to destroying cells that allow us to feel pleasure, drugs replace our natural functions. Over a period of time, using drugs may take a severe toll on the body and its reactions. With all the risks involved with drugs, it is a wonder why some people still use them. I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons for this could be that these people are not educated enough on…

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