The Effects Of Drug Abuse On America Essays

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Drug Abuse in America
One thing you have in common with everyone who will ever read this paper is: you have all felt the effects of drug abuse. In other words, whether it affects an individual directly or indirectly every person has seen or felt the negative effects of drug abuse in our society. The ultimate question, is why does such an abounding amount of Americans abuse illicit drugs, and how does it affect us as a nation? Moreover, something such as this doesn 't occur for without a distinct cause, there must be something occurring in our society that creates these illicit drug abusers. Correspondingly, there has been little progress in solving the issue considering that since 2002 the amount of U.S. citizens that are illicit drug users has gone from 8.3% to 9.4%. This statistic shows that as a nation we are no closer to solving this issue than we were fourteen years ago and we feel the effects of this dilemma every day. All in all, the long-reaching effects of drug abuse have or will affect our economy, and our safety; with little hope of relief.
A key reason for why so many people do illicit drugs is because of the high availability of said drugs. People have an almost unlimited amount of places to purchase drugs. Therefore, it is very easy to find people who are selling drugs, especially in low-income areas. Additionally, a person can also purchase narcotics anonymously on the deep web. Another cause for people abusing drugs is self-medication. When people are…

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