The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Women Essay

805 Words Feb 28th, 2016 4 Pages
This paper will analyze and discuss the negative impact that domestic violence has on women. Domestic violence is increasingly becoming more of a common problem that reportedly affects more than a quarter of women in the United States. Domestic and intimate partner violence occurs in shockingly large proportions, affecting an estimated 6.2 million American women every year, causing injury that is more serious to women than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined (Department of Justice (DOJ), 2008). Domestic violence is a topic of concern that unfortunately and frequently goes undetected for some time and for unknown reasons. Medical professionals that possibly suspect it may avoid reporting it simply due to the hassle factor of the paperwork that could follow filing the report to local law enforcement. The topic of domestic violence against women is discussed in this assignment as we contrast an academic and news article on the topic. As I summarize both pieces, you will see how the authors agree on the psychological effects continuous abuse by the partner can affect women across the country.

Most women would never dream that they would one day be a victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence has a deep connection to many households across America bringing one to ask how the words violence and family can be used within the same sentence. Domestic violence is not something that occurs because of where we were born, our choice of religion or other reasons.…

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