The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children Essay examples

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One in every four women will experience domestic violence during their life time, and most do not know how to handle the situation. Domestic violence is a very dangerous situation to be in, and it is a part of some people’s everyday life. This is not just something that happens to women, however women are more prone to domestic violence than men. “85% of domestic violence victims are women… Police report that between 40% and 60% of the calls they receive, especially on the night shift, are domestic violence disputes”. ( Physical abuse is the more well-known type of domestic violence that people are familiar with. However, domestic violence is not just considered physical abuse; it is also verbal, sexual, and financial, but they all are linked to physical abuse. Due to the increase rate of suicides about 3-4 years back, verbal abuse has become more of a serious problem. However, verbal abuse is used to be somewhat of a notorious topic, and some people do not see verbal abuse as a big deal. “I used to say I found the verbal abuse much worse than the physical abuse… It was the constant verbal [attacks] that used to get me down more than anything”. (Johnson I). Verbal abuse goes deeper than the scars that are made when being physical abused. Not to say that any abuse is worse than the other, but each type has a different effect. When a person is constantly being put down and told that he/she is worthless that person may…

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