The Effects Of Deforestation In The Sumatran Tiger

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Deforestation is the action of clearing a wide area of all vegetation. National Geographic defines deforestation as “clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land” (nat geo cite).Because deforestation damages the land it also has effects on animals and their natural habitats. One specific animal greatly affected by deforestation is the
Sumatran Tiger. The effects of poaching, the loss of food, and the loss of their habitat all due to deforestation are on the verge of making this tiger species extinct.
Sumatran tigers are having their homes cut down right in front of them. In the Bukit Barisan
Selatan National Park researchers are studying the effects of deforestation on the tigers. “During
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These are water, food (which comprises solely of prey, since tigers are carnivores) and vegetation in which these animals can conceal themselves. When these elements are no longer available to them, their chances of survival diminish astronomically. This is the situation that faces the tigers of the world today”
Due to the deforestation and loss of food tigers are being forced out towards civilization and this is leading to more deaths of tigers by human doings. Tigers are now being forced into areas where farmers and small town villages are, possing a threat to humans and their livestock.”As human populations increase, urbanisation and development seem to be a necessary evil, robbing the wildlife of their natural habitat. As their room for roaming, living and hunting shrinks, they are forced to live in areas where there is now a shortage of viable prey, or in which they are in almost direct contact with human populations. Where this is the case, they are quickly hunted or killed due to fear or the threat of their killing the local farmers’ livestock”(cite and

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