Palm Oil Affects The Environment

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Palm oil is an essential ingredient for the production of foods and products which human utilise daily. Orangutan Project states ‘palm oil is derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree’, while stating how palm oil plantations is the main cause for deforestation in Indonesia. The harvest of the palm trees for the production of palm oil affects the ecosystem as it affects the environment. This investigation will highlight the advantages of the palm fruit providing nutrients, it being essential for the producing products, and this production being able to reduce poverty. The negatives of how the production of palm oil negatively affects the environment, the habitat of the animals, and social consequences such as the loss of income.

The issue
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Say-No-To-Palm-Oil states approximately 40-50% of household products in countries such as United Sates and Australia contain at least single vegetable oil. Shampoo is an example of a product that needs palm oil as it is utilised as a conditioning agent, helping restore natural oils of the hair, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Palm oil is also essential for producing other products such as cosmetics, cleaning agents, washing detergents and toothpaste, according to Say-No-To-Palm-Oil. Therefore, the use of palm oil in the products listed above is shown to be needed for important use by …show more content…
This is due to the pollution created from the emissions which are caused, and also the clearing of land. The environment is affected by the production with the issue of deforestation, as GreenPalm suggests the harvesting has been linked with the destruction of rain forests with the development of palm plantations, coupled expanding farms to reach the rising demands for palm oil. The Guardian suggests deforestation costs around $2-5tn dollars a year and around 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions are created. Also, Orangutan Project states the areas where palm trees are cut are equal to 300 soccer fields being destroyed each hour, indicating how large areas of rainforest are disappearing. This information indicates how the production of palm oil effects the

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