Palm Oil Interview Essay

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Florentini Florentini
Task 2
INBA 3810

In this second assignment, I will discuss further and provide more details about the “international aspect of my uncle’s work. For example, what different approached did they use?. What risks did they face?. I would like to discuss more about the competition in the international palm oil market as well, and how to price right for different customers in different countries.

In my interview with Karim, I learned a lot about what he does as a business owner to maintain his company and make his company larger. Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. People probably used it a dozen times today without even realizing it. It’s extremely versatile and incredibly efficient oil
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Karim said that he thinks that it is not a really big problem for his company in terms of the competition in the international palm oil market because first, Indonesia is the most top first palm oil producers in the world, so that other country’s demand on palm oil will more on Indonesia. Last year, Indonesia produce around 33,000 compare to other country such as the second and the third largest producers of palm oil; Malaysia and Thailand; last year they only produced around 20,5000 for Malaysia and 2,250 for Thailand. Second, the superior high quality of palm oil that PT. Musim Mas offered makes their customers satisfy and they will become one of the loyal customer to this company. Third, his company also have several important certificates that show a commitment towards manufacturing excellent, they follow the requirements stipulated by quality management certifications and other industry related ones. They also have third party audited certifications for quality assurance. The list of the certification include “Safety and Health Management” which is Occupational health and safety assessment series (OHSAS 18001),“Environment Management” which is Environment Management system (ISO 14001), then “Quality Management” which are Competence of …show more content…
He said the market of palm oil is getting better each year. The demand of the palm oil is year is getting higher and higher. The demand is getting higher each year because PT. Musim Mas have a loyal customer because their customers already know the high quality of the palm oil, and also they make a broader relationship with many vendors each year. They also want to start to expand their office more on different countries around the

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