The Effects Of Cyberbullying On Children 's Life Essay

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As children move into their teenage years, the chances of cyberbullying will increase tremendously. In order to remain safe from a bully, parents must be there for their child, guide them, and ensure them that they can grow up in an environment that encourages their talents and intelligence, and also their sense of empathy and their regard for one another (Obama 31). By parents being more involved in their children 's life, they are able to have them open up and feel comfortable enough to tell them if they feel threatened by a bully in any way. If a parent receives this message they need to take action and help fight off the bully not necessarily one on one but, by removing phones, internet, or blocking the bully from the victims possessions. In a recent study the top two best perceived strategies were, "no access to social networking sites for the offender" and "parents taking away the offender 's computers and cell phones" (Uhls). Parents need to have a role in preventing cyberbullying since it has increased and is becoming more dangerous. By the victim feeling like they are not alone, and that they have support, hopefully both the parent and child can overcome the sickening effects of the bully 's actions. Not only are parents trying to prevent their son or daughter from being the next victim of cyberbullying but, the hit teenage television channel, MTV is also trying to spread awareness about the negative effects of bullying. They are leading a new coalition to fight…

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