Essay on The Effects Of Cyberbullying On Children And Teens

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Term Paper social networking has caused the emergence of new dangers and has allowed old dangers to become much easier for people, especially children and teens, to partake in. Bullying has been a danger since the beginning of time and thanks to social networking a new branch of bullying called cyberbullying has emerged . Cyberbullying is the use of technology to constantly harm or harass other people. According to Dr. Jay Griedd, children 's minds are not fully developed until their mid-twenties and contain the most grey matter at age twelve. Due to this and their underdeveloped brains middle school children are the most susceptible to cyberbullying ( ). As an example, in 2006 a thirteen year old girl by the name of Megan Meier committed suicide because classmates and so called "friends" began writing her disturbing and hurtful messages to her, as a joke, on Myspace. This is a prime example of how social networking has made it easier for children and teens to participate in a serious problem that can push some people to the brink of suicide without the cyberbully even knowing they have done something wrong. Another serious issue that is dangerous for children and teens that has become easier for people to partake in is the act of being an online predator. According to Ernie Allen and cybertipline, the nation 's hotline for reporting sexual exploitation of children, the enormous use of social networks and smartphones has resulted in more opportunities for potential offenders…

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