What Are The Impact Of Technology In Education

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An Introduction of the Topic
Loading…. technology into every public classroom for overall student excellence along with teachers incorporating social media into the curriculum defines new or renewed pedagogies. Technology contains the capability to spark visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile modalities. Technology-implemented lessons foster learning while playing because mostly all senses are influenced in the activity. Both students and teachers are motivated when educational technology is integrated into the instruction due to several reasons that lead to becoming engaged in the learning process. Many educators encourage their students to use technology without worrying about any student straying from the assigned task when social
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The vague results may be due to teacher’s lack of computer competence during this period. The 1980s students are now adults and grasp the concept that technology has become prominent in the field of education. High technology of this sort did not exist in the 1500s or 1800s but children born in the millennium are exposed to technology before they can speak. It is important that the focus is on the future of high technology and aimed at integrating it within the education of all students in every level of public schools in the United States. The U.S. is not the only one to strive for student achievement through technology, there are many other nations trying to improve student achievement utilizing technology. The topic of students accessing social media (websites and applications) in the classroom in various nations evolved from different software programs that were introduced to students through computers; however, technology continues to develop rapidly and educators should embrace the upgrades to benefit their students. “Placing computers in classrooms tends to make good sense to administrators, educators, and politicians, who are inclined to assume that such placement will result in positive educational differences. As a result, millions of dollars have been poured into computer hardware, software, training, …show more content…
The rapid evolution of technology has made it simple for modern students to excel in their studies and be able to freely express themselves using social media. “The global spread of digital technology and, most recently, social media has enabled many young people to interact in engaging participatory spaces” (Meabon, 2014, p.38). There are many educational programs intertwined with high technology that exercise problem solving skills and the ability to make haste accurate decisions. Using technology effectively in an educational setting enables students to become more capable of acquiring information through technology easier plus allows them to develop characteristics of communicators, collaborators, publishers, and producers in the process. “Colleges and universities are identifying effective uses of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, Pinterest, and whatever comes next. With the many types and uses of social media, today’s students expect to be heard and acknowledged by people other than their peers” (Wilson, 2013, p.56). Modern students using technology are predicted to grow into informed, responsible and contributing citizens.
Computers and other technologies have contributed to the rise of social media that has significantly improved student achievement. In addition to student achievement, students

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