The Effects Of Costs On Health Care Essay

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Costs have been an issue in health care since the beginning of time. In an article by Eddy it states that from 1970 to 1990 there was a 700% increase in health care costs and was estimated to be over $1 trillion by the 2000’s. Like any other conflict there are two sides to the argument. One the first side if people are willing to pay the increased costs there would be issue, instead they want to pass them along to another person – their insurance company. On the other, patients are expecting their health professionals to use the newest, most expensive technology to manage their health care needs. If the insurance company refuses to pay for the treatment, it would cause huge issues and using an older, less expensive tools doesn’t seem like an advantage for the patient receiving the care. Costs will always be an issue, but if they are controlled with policies and guidelines to decide whether it should be used as the treatment or not there could be a decrease in costs. Practice policies for costs are rare, but when they are implemented the benefits greatly outweigh the consequences as it puts a control on whether the more expensive treatment is worth it or if there is a less expensive one that does the same job. Costs will always be around but will never fully disappear, if not paid directly by the patient they may be passed on to insurance agencies or other companies, but eventually the costs will be paid (Eddy, 1990).

Cost is related to Health Information as costs effect…

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