The Effects Of Cigarette Advertising On Adolescents Essay

1128 Words Nov 27th, 2016 5 Pages
12.9) Most media adolescents use contain advertising. There is also product placement in many movies and T.V. shows. Cigarette advertising was geared toward adolescents. After it was band form T.V. and radio, they use other methods such as billboards and project placement. The companies claimed it was to keep adult switching brands. The switching statistic were to low so there had to be another reason, then people found out that they were saying adolescents were their future customers. 90% of smokers started by 18. They want them to start before 18 because then they do not understand the risk of smoking, and by the time they do their hooked. Once they choose a brand they are loyal to that brand which is a plus for those companies as well. The advertisements like the Marlboro man and friends promoted a cool independent, youthful, and cool look that had adolescents hocked. Advertising made adolescents favor a brand more so than adults because they were on late at night and geared toward adolescents. They also targeted adolescent girls with Virginia slims, Silva thins, and Eve. The smokers found the ads to be interesting, but the non-smokers did not enjoy the. Camel and Marlboro cigarettes were the most popular, and when asked what cause them to start smoking the adolescents replied the advertising was what got their attention. This dose not prove then intended to target them, but there was some documents that did. Cigarette advertising as declined and so has smoking now there…

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