The Effects Of Childhood Obesity On America Essay examples

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“During the past four decades, childhood obesity rates in America have quadrupled from eight percent to thirty three percent, and today, more than 23.5 million children and youth in America—nearly one in three—are overweight or obese.” –Healthy Communities Healthy Future. It’s a problem we have all taken notice of as everyone know someone that struggles to maintain their weight low, and as a society we also recognize the seriousness of this issue. It has become such a prevalent problem in today’s society that the U.S. senate committee of Agriculture and Nutrition has been using childhood obesity in order to try and push mandatory school lunch standards, and safer caffeine and sugar levels on the various forms of energy boosters and Soda Pop companies across the United States. There are various factors that contribute to this sudden epidemic that has attacked American society that. However, there are three factors that can come to the mind of most coherent American who have seen this and experienced the fattening of our society; the Era of the soda pop, the era of fast food restaurants, the era of processed foods. When polled the American public shows a staggering level of awareness as to what is happening but somehow nobody is really doing anything.
According to research done by the American heart association the average male should intake roughly 38 grams of sugar in order to meet daily demands, while women should consume approximately 25 grams of sugar. Well, what if I…

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