The Effects Of Bullying In Today's Society

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Is bullying socially acceptable in today 's society? Not at all, actually it is a major problem throughout the world today. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, around one out of every four kids in America alone are bullied. There are three main categories that bullying falls under: Physical, Verbal, and now Cyber. Each and every category has a different style and effect to the bullying. In the end, there is always a way to contain and eliminate the problem.
Initially, the most common form of bullying is physical. This category contains any type of aggressive abuse that harms another person. It involves hitting, kicking, intimidation, and any use for force due to aggression. For example, 15 year old Michael Brewer was
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For example, Amanda Todd went through most of the effects in her time of bullying. Amanda was 15 years old and met a boy online who called her beautiful and perfect. She ended up sending nude pictures of herself to the boy and he sent them to all her friends and family. Amanda then changed schools and started trying all types of drugs and became depressed. A year passed and the situation seemed over until Amanda saw a facebook page. It was the page of the boy she sent the photos to with her breasts as his profile picture. Kids at her school saw this and said hateful comments about her and shamed her; she was practically an outcast at school. Once again Amanda changed schools due to her classroom issues. Amanda started to cut herself to help her through her depression at this point. This was another and more harmful effect of bullying she endured. At her new school, everyone saw the account, so she was also shamed and cyber bullied there as well. She was shoved, punched, kicked, filmed and laughed at. Unfortunately, she came to the harsh and radical effect of bullying. 15 year old Amanda Todd took her own life, because wherever she went she faced all three types of bullying. She faced bullies that hit and shoved her, she faced bullies that called her names, and it started over the internet and maintained over the internet of people making nasty comments about her. Amanda made a video about her story to inspire people, but her last words on the video were “ I have nobody...I need someone :(“ ( 1). She was a strong her and faced what happened to her head on, but she should be alive today. Kids should not be posting comments like “I hope she dies this time” while sending her pictures of clorox ( 1). Teachers should have watched out for her and prevented the fights. Police should have shut down the website and delete the comments. What Amanda got was unacceptable and awful, no one

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